Executives who have changed their thinking and acting quickly and fundamentally and have therefore…

… contributed significantly to the success of a company:

As a rule, it is not concepts or measures but people themeselves who change an organizational system like a company by thinking independently and acting bravely and thus substansially contribute to fast and sustainable success

This is shown by concrete stories that are taken from real life.

The orchestra

The manager of the development department knows that work has to be done faster. This is best done when more people work together in a better way, e.g. through personal development.

When assessing himself and others, he considers himself weakest in this competence. His argument: "I know what I can but can I rely on getting the work to be faster done but qualitatively good when I work with others?"

We talk about tasks that are best done together, e.g. playing soccer. Soccer is not his favorite but he likes music, concerts, etc. He organizes big concerts, is the conductor of forty musicians. This is the solution that he has found.

The birthday

Actually, everything has been clear: career, kids and promotion. But the thirties birthday of an executive has destroyed everything. What is first? Is there enough time to achieve everything?

We discover the best birthday this executive has ever had. It was the 24th birthday, during the time of studying, during the semester abroad, at the sea, with many foreign friends and so on. We look ahead and ask for the best birthday in the future.

We agree it shall be the 49th and I ask you: “Imagine your 49th birthday. What happens?” Answer: “ I received a letter from my supervisor, my employees gave me a great present and my kids support me when caring for my guests..”

The kids

A company has cancelled the contracts with a wholesaler and built up an own management tam within an international market. One of the CEOs is older than the young team. During the talk it gets quickly clear that he wants to decide what happens.

We talk about his family, the support of his kids when doing homework. He discovers an image that not deciding but caring can be a solution for him.

The gifts

Ironically, the director of a logistics center for an international freight forwarding company has considered herself weaker in the competence criterion "openness for change" and "mobility". She has remained the baby of the family: her whole life takes place within a radius of 30 kilometers. For herself, this creates a certain discomfort.

She has already tried some changes, e.g. put the desk from the first to the second floor. I suggest something radical – she should spend half a year in China at the overseas office. No way.

I take her to the future: she is abroad. Her stay abroad comes to an end and I ask her: "How do you prepare to return to Germany?" Her answer: "I think about what gifts I bring my friends." That has changed her life.

The deer antler

Sometimes it is strange how life plays. The company was sold, the pressure of the investor on the sales manager grew stronger week by week. At first, the sales manager felt that he became more and more irritable and nervous during the day, and sleeplessness came at night.

One day he visited a restaurant. In the entrance, a large deer antler could be found and he thought this was frightening. He turned back and left the bar. The sales manager had not changed the company. Neither has he lost his job. On the contrary: He had accepted this challenge and became the managing director of a division.


Actually she wanted to study music, now she had studied something that had to do with media. At the end of her studies, a strange question arose in her mind: "If I have studied something wrong, how can I work something right?"

In our conversation, I take her to the future and draw in my mind the following picture: The band, she was in before she graduated, celebrating a jubilee trip to New Orleans. They are sitting together in a jazz cellar. Suddenly, the saxophonist surprises her with the offer, hands her his instrument and asks her to play with the band in New Orleans.

I ask her which song she plays. Promptly, she replies: "Over the rainbow!" The rainbow has seven colors, dark and bright. He is the symbol that unites the opposites, the bright sun and the dark clouds.

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