WMF International und WMF Consumer Goods (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


Following the decision to open the Chinese market by opening a WMF branch, seven Chinese board members were supported in their work.

In addition to the professional skills as board member for marketing, controlling, human resources management and others, the focus was set on the implementation of values and behavioral potential that the company has developed worldwide.

Kurtz Ersa Holding, Kreuzwertheim


The plant manufacturer belonging to the level of world market leaders has developed in certain areas as a global champion.

Now, it is important to recognize the potential of the executives in view of the new challenges and to develop them through new ways of thinking and acting as global players.

Establishing the Hammer Academy – a Corporate University that merges all of the executive programs – supports the individual actions and summarizes talent management training and development programs, junior executives, and executives around the world.

Fasihi GmbH


Fasihi GmbH- The IT company has developed from a one- man business to a medium-sized company.

This development needs new executives. 2015, the Fasihi Academy was founded, a corporate academy, which collects and motivates the development of all executives.

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