The Zukunft sustainable leadership makes executives become successful more rapidly and cares for better and sustainable results for your company.

Our method works via two possibilities: Development of sustainable leadership as an individual measure for executives and via establishing corporate academies as a corporate university.

That way the development of executives happens more rapidly and more efficiently within the own company.

The program for executives


Sustainable leadership starts with the ability of people.


Every human being does have potentials which are just there and by which he or she can design the future. Our methodic strengthens these potentials and helps executives to become sustainable.

This personal development happens in three steps:

  • Recognize the ability to act
  • Personal coaching
  • Self – organized qualification

This approach has proved to be very successful, especially in companies that have undergone or are still working on a fundamental change, such as in the re-organization of structures, processes and behavior.

The program for companies


The future requires learning in real time and everywhere!


Many companies provide an extensive and valuable expertise.
Unfortunately, the sustainable implementation of theoretical knowledge in day-to-day leadership practice is often staying behind its potential.

Together with the Institute of Sustainable Leadership of the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin you develop certificate courses with a certificate of the Steinbeis Akademie (academy) to establish a sustainable leadership culture throughout the company.

A corporate academy has many advantages by being a platform for all education and training activities:

  • Study in the company
  • Direct implementation of knowledge at the workplace
  • Development of a knowledge pool
  • Informal exchange of knowledge and self- organized learning
  • Awarding of a university certificate/ Credit Points (ECTS)

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