Digitization and globalization require learning in real time and everywhere.


Well, just establish your own company academy!

Use valuable knowledge

Many companies provide an extensive and valuable expertise.
Unfortunately, the sustainable implementation of theoretical knowledge in day-to-day leadership practice is often falling behind its potential.

This is where the Corporate University starts. It offers the best environment to involve this process successfully in the company. Thanks to our innovative method and by using a web application it can be used regardless of time and place.

Platform for all training and further education academies – the Corporate University

Together with the Institute of Sustainable Leadership of the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin, you will develop one or more courses with a university certificate of the Steinbeis -Akademie and implement it at your own academy or Corporate University.

A corporate academy includes several advantages:

  • Study in the company
  • Implement gained knowledge directly at the working place
  • Awarding of a university certificate of the Akademie of the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin
  • Awarding of Credit Points, that can be accepted within the frame of the European Credit Point System (ECTS) in other courses
  • Use of intern resources when choosing the lecturers
  • Developing a knowledge pool in the company
  • Informal exchange of knowledge and self-organized learning
  • Umsetzung von Know How durch Projekte im eigenen Unternehmen
  • Implementation of Know How due to projects in the own company Certificate completion with a high school certificate

The picture on the left shows a typical structure of a corporate university.

Establishing a sustainable, lasting leadership culture.

Executives who recognize and develop and show the potential of themselves and others create a sustainable, lasting leadership culture.

As a result, they are successful in implementing sustainable behavior and rapid organization, e.g. thanks to a corporate academy or Corporate University in one`s own company.

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